Cosmetics made at home are very effective and pure - they contain generous amounts of active natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals.  Here are some of my recipes and tips.

Home-made products do not contain strong preservatives, so generally they should be prepared in small amounts, kept in the fridge and used quickly.  To avoid contamination, cleanliness during preparation and use is important.  Home-made creams may be too rich to be used on the whole face unless your skin is quite dry.  Nonetheless, they still make wonderful moisturisers for the drier areas of the body, such as around the eyes, neck and hands.





This recipe makes a very rich and healing cream.  It makes skin around the eyes soft and smooth, reduces wrinkles and dark shadows, strengthens nails and eyelashes, and heals small broken vessels and wounds.  Heating during preparation should be kept as short as possible.

* In a small container, over a pan with hot water,  gently melt 4 g Beeswax, 5 g Cocoa butter and 20 ml  Almond oil.  Stir all the time.  As soon as the wax melts, take away from the heat and leave to cool a little.
*Pierce 3 large capsules Vitamin E and 3 large capsules Evening primrose oil with a sterilised needle and add the contents to the mixture.  

* In a separate container heat gently 20 ml pure Rose water with ¼ teaspoon of Borax and 1 teaspoon of  Marigold tincture until the borax dissolves.  Do not boil. Alcohol in the tincture will evaporate during the heating so the finished cream will not contain any.

* Add the rose water mixture to the almond oil mixture drop by drop, stirring constantly.  You may decide not to use the whole of the water mixture but bear in mind that the cream will become a lot thicker when it cools.  

* Cool the cream quickly by placing the bottom of the container in ice-cold water.  Then add 10 drops of Rose (best choice), Frankincense or Lavender essential oil and stir.  Pour the cream in sterilised small (20 ml) glass jars and close tightly.





This moisturiser is almost oil-free and is very light, soothing and hydrating to the skin.

Grind 10g of Linseeds in a coffee grinder.  Cover them with 100ml boiled distilled Water and leave to cool, stirring from time to time.  Strain the infusion.  Add 10ml Glycerine, 5 ml Evening Primrose Oil, 10 ml Chamomile Water and 10 drops of  Chamomile essential oil




Most floral waters make highly effective toners and aftershaves – they restore, heal, soothe and gently cleanse the skin.  They are very kind even to sensitive and dermatitis prone skin.  Only pure, unadulterated floral waters have medicinal properties. Adjust the amounts in the recipe according to the needs of your skin - oily skin may need slightly more vinegar/lemon juice and tincture, and dry and sensitive one may need less.    

To pure Floral water (such as Rose, Lavender or Chamomile) 100 ml, add ½ teaspoon Cider vinegar or Lemon juice and 5-10 drops of Marigold tincture.

See also the recipe for Aloe Vera Lotion in Herbal Remedies.


These aftershaves are particularly soothing to sensitive or inflamed skin.  Juniper has a lovely macho scent but Rose water also makes an excellent, healing aftershave for sensitive and eczema prone skin.  The scent of floral waters is quite subtle and quickly evaporates.


To pure Floral water (such as Juniper, Chamomile or Rose) 100 ml, add 1 teaspoon of Marigold tincture.

See also the recipe for Aloe Vera Lotion in Herbal Remedies.





This recipe makes a nourishing, gentle and effective cleanser.  Take care not to get some into your eyes as it may irritate them (this is temporary and harmless).  After removing your make-up, leave the cleanser on your face for a couple of minutes in order to get the full benefit of it, then remove the residue with a toner.

Blend well: Fresh Double Cream 50ml, Rose Water 20ml, Almond Oil 10mlGlycerine 10 ml,  Marigold tincture ¼ teaspoonBorax ¼  teaspoonVitamin E contents of 5 capsules,  Lavender essential oil 10 drops, Rose essential oil (optional) 10 drops, Grapefruit extract 10 drops.  Store in the fridge and use quickly.  Shake before use.



This mouthwash strengthen gums and is strongly astringent and antiseptic.  It can also be used as a gargle if your throat is sore.

Mix Mint Water or Rose Water 200ml, Marigold Tincture 50ml and Horse Chestnut Tincture 20ml.  Add to the mixture 1 teaspoon of Clove buds, close the jar and leave it for one week.  Strain and discard the clove buds.  Dilute this mouthwash before use, if you find that taste too strong.


A luxurious bath for special occasions.  It will give you extra soft skin.  

Add to the bath water 3 litres of full fat Milk, 100g of Honey and  20 drops of Rose Oil (optional).




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