White,white roses my thoughts are like
When they fly hastily to you,
And gloomy curtain rises up as light
Reveals colours - rich and true.

Pink, pink roses - my heart in bloom
Is treasured icon's cosy home.
Your soul and mine are now in tune,
A bird need no more sing alone.

Red, red roses my belly grows
When greedy skin caresses skin,
Embrace is hot and body glows
In sweetest battle that we both win.

 Veronica Verai




Here is an unrhymed poem by the Russian poet Alexander Blok.
It is from the cycle 'Faina'.

*   *   *

When you stand before me
So alive, so beautiful,
But so suffering,
Talking of nothing but sad things,
Thinking about death,
Not loving anyone
And despising your own beauty-
Could I hurt you?

O, no! Because I am not evil,
Not a deceiver and not haughty,
Although I know a lot,
I think too much since childhood
And I am too preoccupied with myself.
Because I am a storyteller,
A man who gives a name to every thing,
Who takes the perfume from the living flower.

As much as you talk about sad things,
As much as you speculate on the End
                            and the Beginning
I still dare think
That you are only fifteen years old.
That is why I would like you
To fall in love with a simple man,
Who loves the earth and the sky
More than rhymed and unrhymed
Words about the earth and the sky.

I would be very glad for you indeed,
As only a person in love
Has the right to be called a human being.

February 1908

*   *   *

Когда вы стоите на моем пути,
Такая живая, такая красивая,
Но такая измученная,
Говорите все о печальном,
Думаете о смерти,
Никого не любите
И презираете свою красоту-
Что же? Разве я обижу вас?

О,нет! Ведь я не насильник,
Не обманщик и не гордец,
Хотя много знаю,
Слишком много думаю с детства
И слишком много занят собой.
Ведь я - сочинитель,
Человек, называющий все по имени,
Отнимающий аромат у живого цветка.

Сколько ни говорите о печальном,
Сколько ни размышляйте о концах
                       и началах
Все же я смею думать,
Что вам только пятнадцать лет.
И поетому я хотел бы,
Чтобы вы влюбились в простого человека,
Который любит землю и небо
Больше, чем рифмованные и нерифмованные
Речи о земле и небе.

Право, я буду рад за вас,
Так как - только влюбленный
Имеет право на звание человека.

февраль 1908

Translated by Veronica






             *   *    *

Sunlight softly sends warmth
To the cold, shivering hearts,
So they know there is dawn
Again, after breaking apart.

Moon loves seeing them close,
Where is ‘you’, where is ‘me’
What is it to pick up a rose -
Sweet perfume in a fairy dream.

Flowers spread lovingly petals
Its their purpose and strength -
Open eagerly to the caresses
Of Rain, and change into scent.

 Veronica Verai




Christina Rossetti wrote this poem shortly before she died.




Remember me when I am gone away,

Gone away into the silent land;

When you can no more hold me by the hand

Nor I half turn to go yet turning stay.


Remember me when no more day by day

You tell me about our future that you planned:

Only remember me; you understand...

It will be too late to counsel then or pray.


Yet if you should forget me for a while

And afterwards remember, do not grieve:

For if the darkness and corruption leave

A vestige of the thoughts that once I had,

Better by far you should forget and smile

Than that you should remember and be sad.

Помни ме


Помни ме, когато замина,

Замина далече в смълчана земя.

Когато не ще можеш да ме държиш за ръка,

Нито аз, тръгвайки, да се обърна и остана.


Помни ме, когато ден след ден

Вече нашето бъдеще не ми разкриваш.

Само ме помни; сам разбираш....

Тогава не ще помогнат съвет и молебен.


Но ако за малко ме забравиш

И чак после си ме спомниш, не тъжи:

Защото ако тьмата и развалата оставят

Следа от мислите ми, някога живяли,

По-добре ще е да се усмихнеш и забравиш,

Отколкото да си ме спомняш и да страдаш.



Преведено от Вероника






This is a beautiful Bulgarian folk song, musically as well as lyrically, although it is very dramatic.

It is about a maiden, named Kalina.


Go back, maiden Kalina


“Go back, go back, maiden Kalina

Don’t follow me

For there is a high mountain before me

You couldn’t pass over it.”


“I will become a bird, a nightingale

And I will come to you,

I will fly over the mountain

And I will come to you

To be always yours.”


“Go back, go back, maiden Kalina

Don’t follow me

For there is a deep river before me

You couldn’t swim across it.”


“I will become a fish, a trout

And I will come to you,

I will swim across the river

And I will come to you

To be always yours.”


“Stop, stop, maiden Kalina

Don’t follow me

For I have a beautiful wife at home

And little, little children.”


“I will become a black plague

And I will come to you,

I will kill your wife

I will look after your children

And I will be always yours.”


Назад, моме Калино


Назад, назад, моме Калино,

не оди подир мене,

че пред мене има гора висока,

не ке можеш да я преминеш.


Ке се престорам на славей пиле

и пак при тебе ке дойдам.

гора ке прелитнам,

пак при теб ке дойдам,

вечно твоя ке бидам.


Назад, назад моме Калино,

не оди подир мене,

че пред мене има вода дълбока,

не ке можеш да я препливаш.


Ке се престорам на риба мрена

и пак при тебе ке дойдам.

вода ке препливам,

пак при теб ке дойдам,

вечно твоя ке бидам.


Постой, постой моме Калино,

не оди подир мене,

че у назе имам убава жена

со дребни, дребни дечиня.


Ке се престорам на църна чума

и пак при тебе ке дойдам.

жена ке уморам,

деца ке ти гледам,

вечно твоя ке бидам.



              Translated by Veronica






Come slowly

by Emily Dickinson

Come slowly, Eden
Lips unused to thee.
Bashful, sip thy jasmines,
As the fainting bee,
Reaching late his flower,
Round her chamber hums,
Counts his nectars -alights,
And is lost in balms!



Ела бавно

Емили Дикинсън

Ела бавно, Еден

В устните несвикнали.

На глътки пий от своите жасмини

Тъй както пияната пчела

Достигайки най-сетне до цвета,

Около плодника бръмчи,

Нектарите си брои – припламва

И потъва във балсам!

 Преведено от Вероника



    Picture by Gustav Klimt, ‘The Kiss 





Smiles and few words of respect
Are the bridges that our worlds connect
In my heart joy and affection abide
But somewhere deep, deep down I hide
A dark desire.

I want to have you near,
Breath in your warmth and hear
You saying that you missed me
But most of all I want you to kiss me.

Blue skies gather delicate lace
World is going round in its endless chase
In my mind peace and serenity abide
But still, somewhere deep down I hide
A dark desire.

I want to hold you dear,
Enjoy your strength and feel
Helpless as you squeeze me
But most of all I want you to kiss me.

Blooming carpet winter changes
To a downlike icy cover
My desire does not change
As the year is rolling over.

Veronica Verai


Velvety smoothness,
Like feathery touch on desirous skin.

Unholy blackness
Like a flower blooming out of a kiss.

Torturing hotness
Like a blazing log in the fireplace.

Veronica Verai



(C) 2003-2007, Veronica Verai