In my view, these are the basic requirements for persons wanting to excel in any kind of energy work, such as divination, space clearing, aura healing, reiki, spiritual healing, chanting, channelling, etc.  These points will also provide the background for developing further the psychic abilities.

*Good general health, physical and mental fitness 

* Compassionate, loving personality

* High level of personal integrity

* Spiritual awareness
* Having a noble goal and striving for perfection
* General positive attitude
* Cleanliness of the body – inside and out
* Cleanliness of the emotions – overcoming emotional dependency, obsessive, addictive, manipulative or destructive behaviour of any kind
* Cleanliness of the mind – overcoming prejudices, fixed and outdated patterns of thinking
* Saving your energy –  avoiding negative emotions, addictions, overexertion, casual sex
* Raising your energy – through positive emotions, various ways of charging yourself, relaxation, loving sex
* Regular exposure to sunlight or full spectrum bright light

Daily Yoga practice is one way to meet many of these requirements with relatively little effort.  In addition, exercise can also be recommended.  Regular purification programs, such as various forms of detox and cleansing, are also beneficial.  Eating meat and junk food is not compatible with energy work for more then one reason.  Appreciation of beauty balances the emotions and the aura.  Keeping love and forgiveness in one’s heart, towards others and towards oneself, is an essential part of anyone’s spiritual growth.









This bath is a great way to cleanse and balance yourself energetically and emotionally whenever you consider it necessary.  It will remove a great deal of heavy thoughtforms and negative vibrations from your aura.  This bath is for basically healthy persons.  If you have some long standing issues you may want to consider an additional cleansing method or see a practitioner.  Take this bath whenever you feel the need to, for example after a stressful experience, or, for a more profound and lasting effect, take it daily for one or two weeks.  Make sure you will be able to rest afterwards.  

Take a warm shower before the bath, without using soap.  Fill the bath-tub with cool water adding to it 200g of sea salt, 200g of bicarbonate of soda and 200ml of Rose water.  These amounts may be doubled if necessary.  Mix the water thoroughly until the salts are dissolved and immerse yourself.  If you like, massage your whole body with a clean (no soap) exfoliating sponge.  Then close your eyes and relax in the bath.  This is a good time to do some meditation/ visualisation exercises.  Imagine your aura becoming clearer and brighter, and see in your mind’s eye the colours of the rainbow one by one.  See also the dark treads coming out of your body and “cut” them with your hand to free yourself.  Then feel the lightness in your body.  Keep the purpose of this bath at the back of your mind all the time but think of it in positive terms only.  Immerse your face as well a few times while you are in the bath.  After about 20 minutes leave the tub, lightly dry yourself (do not rinse) and go to bed.  Go to sleep if you feel like to, or just rest, still trying to keep your thoughts light and pleasant.


Regular fasting is very effective for strengthening the mind and psychic powers, and for spiritual cleansing.  At the same time, it purifies, balances and rejuvenates the whole body.  Fasting on its own is not suitable for the purpose of losing a lot of weight as it can generally be recommended for short periods only.  I recommend one, three and seven day fruit fasts.   The key is to fast regularly (but not too often!) and not to overload the body with toxins in between.  I believe that short fruit fasts are safe and beneficial to almost anyone but check with your doctor if you have a serious medical condition, and do not fast if you are pregnant or have a history of an eating disorder.  Here is how to do it.  

On the day preceding the fast eat only light vegetarian food, refraining from caffeine, alcohol, junk food and sweets.  Do not overeat.  

On the day(s) of the fast eat only fresh fruit - avoid bananas, avocados and plums.  Tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers may also be included but no other vegetables.  Do not eat anything else and do not take any medicines you can do without.  If you wish, you can take some antioxidants.  It is preferable not to mix fruit and vegetables in one meal.  You may add some raw cider vinegar or lemon juice to your vegetables, but no salt or oil.  Drink only unsweetened herbal teas - nettle, marigold, dandelion are particularly cleansing - and filtered or mineral water.  Schizandra is also a good choice of herb during this time – it will give you energy and help your body save minerals.  Do not eat more then the equivalent in volume of three apples in one sitting and do not have more then five meals a day (preferably three or four).  If you combine two or three kinds of fruit in one meal, this will give you more satisfaction then the same amount of one fruit only.  Try to have your fruit at regular intervals, 3 or 4 hours apart.  Choose organic produce if possible, and wash/peel your fruits well.  In the evening, it is a good idea to drink a couple of cups of some relaxing tea - such as chamomile or lemon balm, for example - as fasting may cause insomnia even if you do not feel hungry.  Before going to bed, take 3-4 teaspoonfuls of Psyllium husks with plenty of water or cool herbal tea – this will reduce auto-toxicity and will fill you up, too.  When you feel particularly hungry, drink some water with lemon juice or cider vinegar in it; take 1-2 teaspoonfuls of glutamine (an amino acid), or 500mg carnitine, or 200 mcg of chromium.  A daily walk and Yoga practice will make fasting easier.  

If you wish to fast for more then one day, bear in mind that for most people the second or the third day is usually the hardest.  On a more positive note, I have to say that fasting does become a lot easier when done regularlly.  

When you decide to finish your fast, introduce other foods very gradually, starting with only small amounts of fats and proteins from the lunchtime on the next day.  Now it is very important not to consume at all any alcohol, caffeine, junk food, meat, fish, sugary foods or salt for at least the same length of time as the length of your fast.  Salt, for example, at this time may trigger cravings or cause water retention.  Diary foods may be introduced after about half of this time.  For example, after seven days on fruit, you should eat healthy vegan food for three more days and vegetarian food for four more days.  (Take special care not to overeat at this time.)  Only then your cleansing will be completed and you may go back to your normal, healthy eating habits.

It is very beneficial to the body and spirit to fast for one day once a week, or once in a fortnight.  You can fast for three days in a row monthly – in this case miss the weekly one.  Do not fast more often.  Seven day fasts should be limited to two or three per year at most.  






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