I love and admire animals.  Here are a few reasons why.  


Lemurs are very romantic.


Penguins are responsible and faithful.

Kangaroos do not get stressed out easily as they like laid-back way of life.


Foxes are smart as fables tell us.  In terms of design I especially admire the white tip at the end of their tails.

Meerkats live in Africa.  They are cheerful and social, and have a great party spirit.


Wallabies are similar to Kangaroos only smaller...

Leopards are just like cats only bigger...
Please do not look at this picture if you are under 18


While Pandas look (and probably feel) just like teddy bears.

Koalas are friendly, cuddly, smiling and... we all can see, extremely pretty and charming.


Rabbits are good fighters, full of courage.


Racoons are very intelligent although they look a bit like they have been involved in dark affairs.

Otters are not just pretty faces – they use stones as tools to open their oysters...


...and can often be seen deeply immersed in thought.